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Your letter could help change the law

A new Assisted Dying Bill is going through Parliament for the first time in six years – this could be our chance to change the law.

On Friday 22nd October, Peers in the House of Lords will debate the Bill at its Second Reading. For the Bill to pass to the next crucial stage, we need as many of them as possible to stand in support.

Unlike MPs, Peers don’t have staff to manage their emails – so a simple, heartfelt letter is the most effective way to convince them to support the Bill.

Dying people urgently need this new law to pass. We need thousands of people who care about assisted dying to write to Peers in the House of Lords, will you play your part?

It’s quick and easy to write your letter using our template – fill in your details to get started.

You’ll need to print your letter at the end, so please make sure your device is connected to a printer. If you’re using your mobile phone, it may be easier to complete this on a computer.

Prefer to handwrite your letter? Great! We’ll assign you a Peer to write to. Simply enter your details and follow the steps all the way to 'print' to get their name and address (as well as prompts to help you write your letter).





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Use our template to write a quick, heartfelt letter to a Peer

Simply fill in the boxes with your response to the questions, and then click ‘preview my letter’ to check you’re happy with it.

Our questions won’t appear in your letter, only what you write in the boxes. Your name and address will automatically be included when you finish.

Please note: This page will expire after 1 hour. If you will take longer to write your letter, you may wish to write it in a word document and then copy your response across into this template.




Peers are more likely to read letters that are completely personalised, but if you're stuck you can use our example:

I’m writing to ask you to support the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill in the House of Lords on Friday 22nd October, and bring us closer to a more compassionate law for terminally ill people in the UK.

If you have a personal story to share here, that would be really powerful. If you’re stuck, we’ve included some starting points below:

  • The choice dying people face isn’t between living and dying – it’s between dying on their own terms or the possibility of dying in a way they do not want.
  • The Assisted Dying Bill wouldn’t mean more deaths, but fewer people suffering
  • Countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand have proven assisted dying laws are safe, fair and compassionate. Britain is being left behind.

E.g. Attend the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill on Friday 22nd October and speak in support.